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Connecting new paddlers to coastal streams and rivers that flow into the Gulf of Mexico so they can find their Adventure with a Purpose!

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Kayaks rest near a pier and the boat slips at Louisiana's Fairview-Riverside State P ark located near Madisonville, La. and along the Tchefuncte River in St. Tammany Parish.

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The Gulf of Mexico

The Gulf of Mexico provides the entire nation with tasty seafood, extraordinary beaches and leisure activities, valuable energy resources, and a rich cultural heritage. The many rivers, creeks, and streams which feed the Gulf of Mexico provide opportunities for both new and experienced paddlers to explore the coast and the wildlife that lives there. From Lighthouse Lakes Paddling Trail in Texas where kayaks pass a historic lighthouse to canoe trips in the wilds of Everglades National Park in Florida, the Gulf of Mexico region offers countless ways to have an adventure on the water and connect with nature. Urban explorers can even take in the City of New Orleans from a paddleboard in Bayou St. John. So, grab a paddle and find your adventure with a purpose!

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gulf coast facts

    • The Gulf of Mexico is the world’s largest gulf.
    • Over half of the continental United States drains into the Gulf of Mexico.
    • The Gulf of Mexico is fed by 33 major rivers, including the Rio Grande, Chattahoochee, and the mighty Mississippi.
    • About half of the country’s wetlands are along the Gulf Coast. The Gulf’s wetlands act as a speed bump to slow and weaken storms as they move toward land.
    • The difference between high and low tide in the Gulf of Mexico is very small and averages less than 2 feet in most places. For comparison, tidal ranges in Alaska can be over 30 feet!
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